Andrea Radovan

I was born into a caring family in a rather sleepy Austrian town called St. Pölten. A bit too sleepy for me to be honest, and so, after achieving my High School diploma, I decided to move to Vienna to study at ESA – today one of European Schools for Higher Education in Administration and Management. The job situation afterwards was quite good. I worked for a publishing company, for instance, or a trading company which mainly operated in the Soviet Union. However, my whole life changed when I was offered a job by Alexander Goebel Ltd, the company of a very popular Austrian singer and entertainer. This was a great chance for me as I could learn everything about artist management. I was responsible for public relations as well as organising, promoting and carrying out projects in the fields of culture and entertainment.

Andrea Radovan

This was the time when I met my later husband, Andreas Radovan. We moved back to St. Pölten, which had woken up and turned into an interesting, active and busy place. Andreas set up his sound studio there and we started working together. Our teamwork has turned out to be very harmonious and fruitful. Since 1999 I have also worked free- lance for the press and advertising writing press releases or making the concept and text for different communication media. In addition I write children´s stories or the lyrics of a song once in a while.


I think my main interest lies in the field of language – both written and spoken. I love going to the theatre, I enjoy reading, writing (and speaking!). I speak German, English, French and Russian.


And last but not least, there is my family, which is very, very important for me. My husband and four daughters greatly inspire me. They really enrich my life and make it worth-while - though challenging at the same time too!


Portfolio (Selection)

  • Artist management Andreas Radovan
  • VAZ St. Pölten 1999-2001; writing press releases, exhibition folders, catalogues, …)
  • Image folder of Feuerhalle Salzburg
  • Catalogue of Lake Attersee diving centre
  • Several songs e.g. "Think twice" sung by Johannes Krisch and "Bist du da" sung by Magdalena Rentenberger
  • "Einfacher Mann", opening ballad of the cultural festival of St. Pölten in 1997
  • Catalogue Malta commissioned by Cat Travel agency Vienna
  • Website, folder, press releases for dermatologist Dr. Rudolf Moshammer
  • Cleverline Telefonmarketing Service
  • RGB Studio Jungmeier
  • Several information folders for Wiener Verein